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Welcome to this blog about my time away from the tedium of domestic management. Once called "Tits and Things", now sub-titled "Life in Quantoxia", there's plenty of bird ringing (90%), some odd bits of general birding, some local steam trains, some personal bits and occasional 'away days' in other parts of Britain. Rydon Hill overlooks the lower valley of the Doniford Stream, where most of these activities take place.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Slow, slow, stop!

Not much of a week as it turned from "bland & cold" to "wintery & colder". On Friday, we copped the snow and it dumped between 3-4 cm of the wet stuff over the village during daylight. This turned into 14 mm of 'precipitation' in the rain guage. Everywhere is well and truly sodden at the moment and the grass turns to mud as you walk on it.

View from study (winter ringing room) am, Fri 18-01-13
I kept a couple of nets open - when I could attend to them - and finally ended up with 10 species, comprising 16 new and 14 'previous' for the 7-day slot. Fortunately, there was very little wind, although the coming days promise something different (stiff and cold easterlies).

Woodpigeon 1 - a big, fat (>600 gm) male
Great Tit (2)
Blackcap (2) - 1 of the males & 1 of the females of those 5 present daily
Blackbird 1 (2) - incl. a female not seen since last spring
Dunnock 1 (2) - another pair avoids the netting area
Chaffinch 3 (1) - at least 3 other unringed birds present
Greenfinch 2 (1)
Goldfinch 6 (2) - still they come!
Siskin 2 (1) 
Bullfinch (2) - and friends; probably eating the buds on our apple trees

As well as the above, the garden played host to the local pair of Herring Gulls (already tarting up their nest), a lone Black-headed Gull, two pairs of Collared Dove and their off-spring, a pair of Goldcrests, Blue Tits, Wrens, a Fieldfare in the snow and two pairs of Robin. Walking down to the meadows there was very little on show, but a couple of Fieldfare made a vanguard appearance. I also noted 6 Little Egrets feeding together in one of the sodden paddocks.

Looks like we'll be getting a different flood next week - of thrushes avoiding the forecast snow up country.

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